Printing to HP Laserjet 5SI/MX

Printing to HP Laserjet 5SI/MX

Post by Rudolf Winghar » Sat, 05 Oct 1996 04:00:00

> How do I print to a different paper bin on the HP printer?

> Harold

Have a look at the model-script located in

We decided to install a separate printer-queue for every paper-bin.
The selection of the appropriate bin is done by setting the mediasrc
and paper variables in the model-script.
This also should be possible by providing the correct options (lp -o )
to the print command, but up to now I didn't try out.


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we have an HP LaserJet 5Si MX duplex Printer with 4 trays, DINA3 and

Here my /etc/printcap entry on my linux machine:

        :rm=<here_the_ip ;-)> :\

How can I select a special tray and how can I say ,,print this
file in duplex mode'' ?

At this time I use:

lpr -Plp1
... this will print one side on one page (non duplex) and
uses paper from tray 1.

Any help?

Viele Gr?e aus Stuttgart ;-)

V. Wnsche

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