Tape Drive 2.3G & 5G

Tape Drive 2.3G & 5G

Post by Fong » Wed, 15 May 1996 04:00:00

How can I create a buckup tape from 5G tape driver for 2.3G tape drive
can be used?




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Hello Solaris people.  

Under SunOS, with scsi id=4, using a 5G tape drive, I could access the 2G
tapes with /dev/rst0 and the 5G tapes with /dev/rst8.

Under Solaris, ????

I did these set of commands,

# drvconfig ; devlinks ; tapes

and I ended up with .....

# ls /dev/rmt/
0     0bn   0cb   0cn   0hb   0hn   0lb   0ln   0mb   0mn   0u    0ubn
0b    0c    0cbn  0h    0hbn  0l    0lbn  0m    0mbn  0n    0ub   0un

Okay.  Now what?  Looking through the docs, I do not find much.

Thanks for any input!!!!

Jim Hofmann
The Johns Hopkins University - GDB

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