Cap Gemini America, Job Opportunities in California

Cap Gemini America, Job Opportunities in California

Post by AIsaacs » Fri, 25 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Aaron Isaacson and I am a technical
recruiter for Cap Gemini America.  Cap Gemini America is a Business & IT
Consulting firm with offices located in 37 cities throughout the US.  We are
part of the Cap Gemini Group which is a worldwide company with over 35,000
employees and over $5 billion in revenues.  Our corporate offices are based in
Paris, France and we have consulting offices located in over 20 countries
throughout the world. We have ongoing needs for people with previous consulting
skills and solid technical experience as developers or analysts.  We are
looking for Consultants with different talents in the technical development
area.  You
can get more information on our company at http:\\

Currently, we are looking for a System Administrator that has done SunUnix
Admin, capacity planning, recovery planning, and understands enterprise
effectiveness, and optimization for a number of projects we have going on in
Southern California as well as other parts of the country.  

I wanted to give you a little bit of information about Cap Gemini and about
these opportunities.  I am very interested in speaking to you about these

you would be interested in conversing on-line or send me your phone number
and a time that I can call you next week.  If it is more convenient, you
can call me at my work number (402) 573-6103.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to speak with you soon.

Aaron J. Isaacson
Assistant Staffing Specialist
Cap Gemini America, West Division
Phone: 402.573.6103



                Technical Staffing Solutions

TechSource, a growing leader in contract
employment in the California Bay Area, is
seeking tenured software, hardware, and
information technology professionals.  We are
seeking candidates in the following area:

----    Systems Administrators
----    Oracle Programmers
----    Software QA/Test Engineers
----    Verification Engineers
----    TCP/IP Developers
----    Web Designers
----    3D Animators/Multimedia
----    Technical Writers
----    Technical Support

Visit our Web Page at:

You may also e-mail me through this address or
call me at:
(408) 345-3077.

Upon receipt of your resume, you are guaranteed
a call within 24 hours to access yours needs and clarify your skills.
Even if you are on a current contract assignment, we can make
arrangements to speak with you at YOUR convenience.

We pride ourselves on integrity, professionalism, and excellence.
Contact us and see the difference!  We welcome your response.

Respectfully yours,

George Zambos
Northern California Regional Recruiter

P.S.  This is the last time this posting will be made to your
      comp user group.

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