Help needed: broken tar file on tape

Help needed: broken tar file on tape

Post by Soeren Deteri » Mon, 05 Apr 1993 06:27:29

we have a corrupted /home backup tape - somehow it got damaged.
It should contain a single tar file. The following is a gnus-tar error

sarastro ROOT root .../sd0h/sinix 35> /usr/gnu/bin/tar xv --ignore-zeros --igno
re-failed-read --same-permissions
/usr/gnu/bin/tar: Hmm, this doesn't look like a tar archive.
/usr/gnu/bin/tar: Skipping to next file header...
/usr/gnu/bin/tar: Unexpected EOF on archive file

Could someone please give me a hint on where to find a program, which deals
with this?
Appreciation is guaranteed - days worth of work are at stake as usual...

Greetings from Berlin



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I'm having problems taring files to tape. The machine is RS6000 running
AIX 3.1. The tape drive is external IBM 1/4" tape drive. The tape is
DC600A. I'm able to read the tape and extract files from it. However,
when I try to write to the tape using the command tar cv filename,
I get the message:

a filename 1 blocks
tar: tape write error: Invalid argument

I tried all sorts of different arguments but couldn't get tar to write
to tape. Please help.
Jack Hsiung

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