Holy Schamoly Rev!!

Holy Schamoly Rev!!

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You're right--I AM obsessed with Desi!! But I'm YOU, so that must MEAN.......

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1. I have rev 02, but Sunsolve has rev 01?

Methinks the new "release more often with the month/year as part of the
OS version" approach is causing some problems in SunSolve.

I've recently put 5.7 (5/99 release) on some systems, and it comes with
this handy booklet of all the patches that have been integrated into
that release.  The booklet and "showrev -p" agree that patch 106793-02
is installed on the systems (since that's what burned on the CD).

Just ran patchdiag, however, and it tells me that the "latest revision"
is 01.  I blinked, boggled, went to SunSolve, and sure enough, the
latest posted revision is 01.

Do the revisions stop getting posted (even to SunSpectrum customers)
once they've been integrated into a new hardware release?  This would
be a Bad Thing for people who haven't gotten the 5/99 CD...


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