Sorry, Please ignore previous message

Sorry, Please ignore previous message

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1. CD-ROM not in drive (ignore previous message)

I am trying to install Picasso off of a cd onto my machine.  I have two
hard drives which linux recognizes as hda and hdb.  I have an old
Mitsumi 2x.  Under DOS, I use a software polling device driver so it
never specified a specific IRQ in my config.sys.  When I try to install
Linux, it looks at the port (e.g. 0x340) and says it finds a Mitsumi
cdrom there, version and type 10 D 11.  However, when it tries to mount
the fs it says that there is no cdrom in the drive and the kernel
panics.  Any help or suggestions would be grateful, I've looked around
and haven't found anyone with this specific problem.

thanks in advance,

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