Uncompressing mainframe files

Uncompressing mainframe files

Post by Joe Fisch » Sun, 05 May 1996 04:00:00

  Anybody know of a Un*x utility to uncompress a mainframe file?  I have
a bunch of tapes that came from an MVS system where the data was
compressed before writing to tape.  Naturally, I'd like to read the tapes
through my Sun/Solaris system and uncompress the files.
  I'm not a mainframer, but if I knew what kind of compression scheme
they use, I could probably work up something on the Unix side.
  Thanks bunches.
Joe Fischer          Nothing smart to say,           Galena, Ohio, USA
  WB8TDO              so I won't say it!              (central Ohio)


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I have about 100 files on a PC which I want to transfer to a Sun
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want to do is zip them up into one big file, ftp that across and then
unzip them at the other end. Is there any way of doing this? i.e. are
there any compression utilities that work on different platforms? I've
tried using 'unzip' on the Sun but it won't compile ( it just says
'cannot execute binary file' - the other InfoZip utilities compile and
work OK ).

Thanks in advance,

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