Problem with Solaris 8 Installation

Problem with Solaris 8 Installation

Post by nedni.. » Fri, 27 Oct 2000 12:38:35

Im trying to install Solaris 8 for Intel but
whenever I try to pass the part when it loads the
ata driver, it dumps an error message saying that
it cant mount a root partition on my hard disk.
Anyone has an idea of whats happening here?

Thanks in advance.

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1. Problems during Solaris 7 Installation

I was trying to install Solaris 7 on a SPARC 2, and recieved the following
error during the copy:

praity error reported at 0xff90cfd8, actual address is ocff90cfcc
partiy error ctx=ox3 virtaddr=oxff90cfcc
pme=e20027f3, phys addr=27f3fcc
parity error register 98 <ERROR, CHECK, ERR00>
bad module/chip at: U320
parity error at 27f3fcc is transient
page 27f3000 back in service.
System operation can continue

The system would then proceed to dump all of memory to disk, and then
reboot.  I had tried it twice, and it seems to fail at dfiferent points.

Is this possibly due to a bad simm?  If so then how can I locate which one
it is?

Thanks in advance for any information on this!


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