Keeping groups, groups and groups straight

Keeping groups, groups and groups straight

Post by System Administrat » Sat, 27 Aug 1994 06:28:01

I've got groups.  Everyone belongs to at least one.

I've got mail groups.  Everyone here belongs to at least 3.

I've got netgroups.  Everyone and his machine belong to at least 0.

Anyone got any cute scripts to keep these in line?

E.g. I add a new user and make him default to group remote, and add him
to mail aliases researchers and ugrads.

Now I also have a netgroup remote who is not allowed to log on to

Who's got a script to automatically update the netgroup file from the
passwd and group file.  (E.g. if there is a name in netgroup that is the
same as the name of a group in group then the netgroup file is updated
and yp databases are updated)

Who's got a script so that when a user is deleted that the corresponding
deletions are maid in aliases and groups.

None of this is terribly difficult.  But before I go re-inventing it, I
figure I'd try sponging off the collective net wisdom.


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files created by users in A. Also users in B or C should not have access to
each others files.

How would I set up Umask to handle this? I've tried to create a primary
group for all and secondary groups to reflect the permissions I'm after, but
to no avail.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.


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