sar problem after performance optimization

sar problem after performance optimization

Post by do j » Sun, 17 Nov 2002 02:57:56

We are working with Unixware 7.1.1 and made some changes on the
kernel, now, if we try to run sar, we get this message:

SAR_ERROR: kmem_sizes mismatch
sar: KMA pool sizes mismatch.

Any help appreciated




1. sar problem: updates timestamp, but no sar data

Greetings folks,

I'm trying to figure out a problem that happened to me twice
yesterday.  I've done extensive searching and haven't found any
explanation for this behaviour.  So, here's the scenario:

I renamed and readdressed two servers, say Box1 and Box2.  They have
no real link to one another, save for the fact that they perform
similar functions.  Prior to the rename/readdress each of the machines
sar was running fine, reporting data at the expected intervals (sa1
was being run from cron at 5 min intervals).  Once the
rename/readdress took place, and the host was booted (just for my own
sanity), I found that while sar would run, and the timestamp on
/var/adm/sa/sa0x would be updated, when running sar -f
/var/adm/sa/sa0x by hand showed that the actual sar data from sa1
wasn't there.

The only solution I could come up with was to move the old datafile
aside and touch (and chmod/chown) an new one.  That solved the problem
in that the file was once again actually being written to, however,
that doesn't explain the strange behaviour when trying to write to the
original file.  Oh, another note, even when running sa1 by hand, the
file still didn't get written to (either running it as root or as

Any ideas?  The hosts are both SunFire V440's running Sol9, with
/usr/lib/sa/sa1 running at 5 min intervals from the sys crontab.



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