CE - the simple unix text editor

CE - the simple unix text editor

Post by Joe Morri » Wed, 05 Dec 2001 00:58:57

In 1992 I had a uucp connection to the net and let friends and
relatives dial into my box to use email and usenet: people that
I couldn't even begin to train on using vi

I looked around ftp sites and found an editor called "ce" written
by Charles Henrich that even my mom could use with ease. Things
changed: the web emerged and people got their SLIP/PPP dial-ins,
I shut down my uucp box and forgot all about ce.

I started thinking about it recently and couldn't find it anywhere
on the net.  Hunting thru some old QIC-150 tapes I found the source
and Charles' name and was able to track him down. He has graciously
agreed to let me make the source available and begin maintaining it.

So if you have users you don't want to train on vi/emacs or you want
an editor that understands "Page Up"/"Page Down"/"Home"/"Insert"/etc
on any POSIX system with any keyboard, you might want to try it.



Or download the newest tarball at


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1. Simple text editor for unix

Can somebody tell me whare I can get a simple TEXT editor for Unix?
We need it for non-programers who need to edit configuration files,
etc.  EMACS and VI are too rich for this purpose.
E.G.:  Is there anything like the "SEE" text editor for DOS on UNix?

P.S. -- Sorry for the previous posting asking for a word processor --
I misunderstood my bosses question.

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