admin needed for CG

admin needed for CG

Post by Dan Cas » Sat, 20 Jan 1996 04:00:00

        System adminstrator needed to manage network of twenty
SGI/Mac/PCs for Computer Animation firm in South Bay.  2-3 years
experience SA experience, shell scripting, network maintenance and UNIX
proficiency necessary. C programming abilities a plus, Open GL
programming an extra bonus.

        Please respond to:

        Metropolis Digital
        12 South First St., 10th Flr.
        San Jose, CA 95113

        attn: Peter Grassi


1. CG 12 emulating a CG 6

I need a utility to make a CG 12 emulate a CG 6.  I currently have 4
SparcStation 10's with CG12's running Solaris 2.2.  I need to run
X11R5 and MOTIF 1.2.2.  I have built X11R5 pl 25 under Solaris 2.2 on
a SparcStation 2 with a GX+ board and that server works fine.  However,
when I take the server to my SparcStation 10 only the X monochrome server
works.  I read in Kaleb Keithley's R5.Xsun.multi-screen patch that there
is a utility that will allow a CG12 to emulate a CG6.  Any information
about this utility would be greatly appreciated.  Please respond by email
and I will summarize.

Thanks in Advance!


P.S.    Development Environment
        Solaris 2.2
        OSF/MOTIF 1.2.2
        Sybase 10

It may be that your whole purpose in life, is to serve as a warning to others.

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