Using two network interfaces

Using two network interfaces

Post by Larry Canne » Wed, 20 Apr 1994 05:23:41

Up until now things like routing was real simple around here since we only
had to deal with one interface.  I've just installed an FDDI interface on
an Ultrix system and I'd like to use both it and the old ethernet interface.

Is it possible (via static or other routing methods) to use both network
interfaces so if the fddi ring goes down I can somehow still route packets
off our local networks?


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1. Problem using Exceed with Two Network Interface cards on Solaris 2.6 M/C's

        Environment two E5000 machines running Solaris 2.6. Both machines have two
interface cards installed.

Machine A
hme0:    Connected to the network.
hme1:    Connected to a hub.

Both on same subnet.

Machine B:
hme0:   Connected to the network
hme1:   Connected to the hub.

Both on same subnet. We use a netmask of

In fact all the four interfaces are on the same subnet. Only hme1: of both
the machines directly plug into the hub an not the network so as to kind of
form a fast link between the machines to transfer huge files back and forth
from the machines.

Now since this configuration has been done. Folks who were using Exceed (X
windows software) are having trouble to connect to either of the machines.
Things were working fine before this setup.
Is the problem becasue of the fact that both interfaces are on the same
subnet and have the same MAC address? If so putting the hme1: interface on
a different interface will it help?
Can anybody provide some pointers to resolve this issue.


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