termcap entry for wyse 60 terminal

termcap entry for wyse 60 terminal

Post by Pau » Fri, 17 Jan 1992 04:16:12

I am trying to connect a Wyse 60 terminal to a Sun Sparcstation 2.  There
are entries in /etc/termcap for Wyse 50, 75 and 85 terminals, but not the
Wyse 60.  The terminal works, but the terminal type is 'unknown'.  Could
someone please email me the right /etc/termcap entry for the Wyse 60?

1. Need a termcap entry for Wyse-300 or Wyse-100 terminals

Subject says it all.  Does anyone here have a termcap entry on their sytem
or archived somewhere for a Wyse-300 or Wyse-100 terminal?  If not, any
pointers to places that might have one?  Email responses preferred but I'll
be checking for posts too just in case...
Thanks -

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