How Do I Create SVR4.2 Root & Boot Diskettes?

How Do I Create SVR4.2 Root & Boot Diskettes?

Post by Greg Robins » Wed, 20 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Summmary: How do I create root & boot diskettes on a generic SVR4.2

I am running a fairly generic OEM release of System V R4.2 from
Olivetti, and I need to create emergency root & boot 1.44mb diskettes.
I have no problem creating filesystems on diskettes, such as ufs, bfs
or s5, but I'm unclear about which filesystem I should use for the
emergency diskettes, and which files-- other than the kernel and
/stand/at386-- I need to include on the diskettes.

The Olivetti SVR4 documentation doesn't contain information regarding
boot diskettes, and this OEM release doesn't contain any nice little
value added scripts to perform such tasks, as SCO, AIX and other OEM
releases do.

I have looked through the latest 7 part FAQ and didn't come across an
answer to this problem. I would greatly appreciate any assistance
someone may have.

Thank you all for your time,
Greg Robinson


1. Creating boot/root diskettes with RH 5.0?


I am attempting to create a boot/root diskette set for RedHat Linux
V5.0, and it's not going well.  My machine boots from the first
diskette well enough, and it even mounts the root diskette and spawns
a getty.  However, all attempts to log in are refused with what looks
like some PAM error message (it flashes by very quickly).

As part of the debugging effort, I'm now using a small hard disk
partition as the root disk, and I've copied the entire set of PAM
libraries into /lib and /lib/security.  I've used 'find -anewer' to
identify every file that login touches, and I've put all of these (OK,
so I didn't copy the timezone stuff!) on my root partition as well.
Still no dice.

Does anyone have any idea about what I'm doing wrong?

Btw, I'm doing this so I can boot a machine from a diskette set, then
use dd over the LAN to copy a disk immage from a standard machine onto
the local hard disk.  The idea is to save the hassle of removing the
disk from 30 or machines in order to dup them.  Over 100MBs ethernet
it should still be pretty fast.


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