Job Available : Unix System Administration

Job Available : Unix System Administration

Post by Woody J » Fri, 28 Jul 1995 04:00:00

My apologies for posting job related article on this news group.

Dept of Computer Science, University of Houston is looking for
a chief system administrator. Salary is ($30,000 - $42,000) depending
on the qualification of the applicant.  Our system consists of mostly
unix workstations (sun sparcs and decstations).
Should be able to handle networks very well - setting up gateways,
firewall, http server, ... etc, and program in C, shell (sed/awk).
Good knowledge of and experience in unix/networking is a must.
The work should start around at the beginning of Sept.

If you are interested in (or if you know any person), please send
your resume to me ASAP.



Dept. of Computer Science     Office : PGH572 (713)743-3368 *
University of Houston                  PGH592 (713)743-3352
Houston, TX77204-3475         Fax : (713)743-3335,  Home : 522-3023    


1. Looking for entry-level UNIX System Administration job in King County (Washington State)

To All it may concern;

        I'm Gerald Shields. I am a second-year college student trying to
find a entry-level UNIX Systems Administrator job within King County.
I've just passed my UNIX requirement courses enroute to acquiring a A.S.
degree in Computer Information Systems (Client / Server Specialist) and I
desire to put it to good use.  I acknowledge that I may not have the
experience it takes to get the job, but I feel I have the capacity to
learn quickly. I've attached my resume just in case anyone is curious. If
anyone has knowledge of any positions, please E-mail me. I'm thankful for
any help I could receive in this endevor. :)

15K Download

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