I would like to know for *really* old PCs (was: Starting UNIX using old PCs)

I would like to know for *really* old PCs (was: Starting UNIX using old PCs)

Post by JDick788 » Sun, 19 Oct 1997 04:00:00

the number one thing that you would learn on a machine of that class running
 any unix is patience, especially if you want to program, I have a 386sx with 4
 megs, used mostly as a print server now, but when I compile things on it, I
 measure compiles in hours, e.g. a kernel compile took 18+ hours, that same
 compile is 20 minutes on my 486dx4 133 w/20 megs....  


1. Starting UNIX using old PCs how to.....

|The PCs are P-75Mhz with 20 Mbs of ram and 1Gb of H Disk.
|Is this enough to install and run UNIX?

This is plenty for just the OS.  Some unusual hardware may not be
usable with some PC Unixes, though.  Some applications may need
more processor speed, memory, or disk space.

|What version should we purchase, or is it
|free-ware that can be downloaded?

At least the following are available:

Linux (www.linux.org, freeware)
FreeBSD (www.freebsd.org, freeware)
NetBSD (www.netbsd.org, freeware)
OpenBSD (www.openbsd.org, freeware)
SCO (www.sco.com)
Solaris x86 (www.sun.com)

Note that the freeware versions can also be purchased on CD-ROM,
which is a convenient way to get it.  At least for Linux, there
are multiple vendors selling CD-ROMs.


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