Still having name problems

Still having name problems

Post by Bil » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 19:32:04

I still can't persude this Sun workstation to use the University's
name server. As far as I can see, it should just be a matter of
setting up resolv.conf to point to the name server. I shouldn't
need to complicate matters by running a local name daemon or

The situation so far:

If I use IP addresses directly, then I can get anywhere. I can use
names in the hosts file and nslookup appears to work OK and
produces nice numeric IP addresses for any name I give it. However
as soon as I try to use a name directly (with telnet for example)
I get an "unknown host" error.

I'm running SunOS 4.1.3.

Any help appreciated!



1. Having problems with DNS Server (named)

        Well, I think I did everything that needed. It's working well
when I set the dns server to itself, but when I try again on other
server it doesn't working. Does it take so much time to propagate dns
informations over the Internet?

        I think there's a promblem with the SOA record. I'll show my
nslookup outputs here...


*** No start of authority (SOA) records available for

        What else I should do? IT'S WORKING FINE WHEN I set the dns
server to itself, BUT NOT in the case of the server is others (like
        Please give me a help!!!
        Thanks in advance.

        (if you can reply me via e-mail, I'll REALLY appreciate it.
(actually, I'm in a hurry.))

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