Hierarchical Storage Management

Hierarchical Storage Management

Post by McPi » Sat, 09 Jul 1994 05:21:19

I'm looking for information on storage management products that will run on
an RS6000 platform. Specifically, I'd like to hear about experiences with
file migration/archival/backup/restore software that uses optical jukeboxes
as a secondary storage device. There are a bunch of players in this market,
but I haven't even been able to locate literature with a review of the many
different products. Anything on this subject will be much appreciated. If
you'd like to send me email, I will post the results. Thanks


1. Hierarchical Storage Management Software

I am looking for a software package that will provide Hierarchical
Storage Management for Solaris 2.5. Our Online storage is an EMC disk
barn, the second level storage will be a slower array of disks, and the
third level will be tape (most likely 8mm).  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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