ipnat !!

ipnat !!

Post by Chris » Mon, 06 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Hi all....
I am wondering what is the difference between using SOCKs
and the ipnat "rdr" function ?

because I was try to open a hole in my gateway for
the internal machine to connect to Internet for * ...;-)

and does this looks okay in "/etc/ipnat.conf "?
rdr de0 port 2346 -> port 2346 /tcp/udp

de0 on gateway is connect to internet

any ideas ?

thanks in advance


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The machine has 2 interfaces ae0 and ae1. ae0 is, ae1 has an
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I'd like to redirect on ae0 any traffic from port=1090 to port=1090

The following rule does no work
rdr ae0 port 1090 -> port 1090 tcp

What should I do?
Emmanuel Dreyfus

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