Server will not print to a Linksys EPSX3 Print Server

Server will not print to a Linksys EPSX3 Print Server

Post by Anonymou » Sun, 11 Jul 1999 04:00:00

We are running ULTRIX V4.2A (Rev. 47), and we are trying to move the print
services to a Linksys Printserver.

Originally, our print services used a Chase IOLAN to connect remote printers
to our ULTRIX system.

We can print directly to the Printserver with Windows 9x, and the page will
print.  We can also print from Windows 9x via a SAMBA server on the ULTRIX
system and the page will print.

But, when we try printing directly from the ULTRIX system, the printer would
be stuck in processing data and no page would print.

The printer we are using is an old HP LaserJet III printer w/PostScript

The printcap is configured as shown bellow:

laser|lj|ps|Laser Jet III PostScript printer:\
        :rp=L2:\ # L1 for LPT1, L2 for LPT2, L3 for LPT3

The "ip.hp" filter script is as follows:

# ifhp - Print simulated PostScript on HP LaserJet III

# Treat LF as CR+LF:
#/usr/local/bin/printf "\033&k2G" || exit 2

# Read first two characters of the file
read first_line
first_two_chars=`expr "$first_line" : '\(..\)'`

if [ "$first_two_chars" = "%!" ]; then
        # It is PostScript; so just print it directly;
        # print a formfeed at the end to eject the last page.
        echo $first_line && cat && /usr/local/bin/printf "\f" && exit 0

        # Plain text or HP/PCL; use psflpd to scan-convert and print it
        # print a formfeed at the end to eject the last page.
        /usr/local/lib/psf/psflpd && /usr/local/bin/printf "\f" && exit 0

exit 2

We believe that the printer is waiting for a control character to tell it
that the job is completed, and to print the file.  We tried using a formfeed
and \004 (Ctrl-D?), but this didn't work.

Anyone have an Ideal as to why we can't print from ULTRIX to a Printserver?



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