PCI Specialix card

PCI Specialix card

Post by ADNAN AHME » Tue, 29 Apr 2003 20:30:17

Dear friends
  i am using SCO 5.0.6 I have a problem I want to configure Specialix
  card as a MOdem not for terminal .. Bcoz I have three office in
  different place i have three telephone line. now when my office
  employes want data so they connect my main machine where specialix
  card install & get data. It may be possible they connect at a time. so
  pls if any body know how to make access server in SCO so pls give me
  total Hints Just like A to Z...
Thanxz in ADVANCED

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I am trying to install a Specialix RIO PCI card into a Compaq Proliant 5500
server, running SCO Openserver 5.05.

Compaq system partition utilities finds the PCI board, but when I try to
load the RIO software when in SCO it says there are no RIO cards located.

I have tried to put the CFG files on the slot that the board sits in but to
no avail

If you can answer this, post the answer here or email me at



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