need maintenance for Fujitsu disk drives

need maintenance for Fujitsu disk drives

Post by Ned Daniel » Fri, 05 Apr 1991 01:42:49

Gentry Assoc. is no longer providing maintenance on Fujitsu disk drives.
I have two Super Eagles (M2361A) that I'd really like to keep on contract;
I tried System Industries, and they weren't interested. can anyone suggest
a company?

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1. Fujitsu/Hitachi scsi disk drives

I remember questions concerning the use of Fujitsu scsi disks with
rs/6k. Don't remember the answers (if any). So - anybody out there
connected a Fujitsu (or Hitachi) scsi disk to an rs/6k ? Was it
straightforward ? Internal or external disk ? What exact type of
disk was it ?


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