USENIX Mobile Computing Symposium Proceedings Now Available

USENIX Mobile Computing Symposium Proceedings Now Available

Post by Toni Vegl » Wed, 11 Aug 1993 09:34:37

If you couldn't join us in Cambridge, MA, you can now purchase
the proceedings from the Mobile and Location-Independent Computing
Symposium.  The price is $15 for members, and $20 for non-members,
and includes domesitic and Canadian postage.  Please add $8 for
overseas postage (air printed matter).

You can place your order by fax, email or phone by using a VISA or
Mastercard, or you can mail a check or company purchase order to the
address below.

USENIX Association                          
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215                
Berkeley, CA  94710
phone: (510)528-8649
fax: (510)548-5738

                  The USENIX Association Staff

                        Table of Contents

            Mobile & Location-Independent Computing Symposium

                     Cambridge, Massachusetts
                         August 2-3, 1993


Disconnected Operation for AFS
     Larry B. Huston, Peter Honeyman, University of Michigan

Experience with Disconnected Operation in a Mobile Environment
     M. Satyanarayanan, James J. Kistler, Lily B. Mummert,
     Maria. R. Ebling, Puneet Kumar, Qi Lu,  Carnegie Mellon University

Using Prospero to Support Integrated Location-Independent Computing
     B. Clifford  Neuman,  Steven Seger Augart, Shantaprasad Upasani,
     University of Southern California


The Qualcomm CDMA Digital Cellular System
     Phil  Karn, Qualcomm, Inc.

An Infrared Network for Mobile Computers
     Norman  Adams, Bill N. Schilit, Rich Gold, Michael Tso, Roy
     Want, Xerox PARC

UNIX For Nomads: Making UNIX Support Mobile Computing
     Michael Bender, Alexander Davidson, Clark Dong, Steven Drach,
     Anthony Glenning, Karl Jacob, Jack Jia, James  Kempf, Nachiappan
     Periakaruppan, Gale Snow, Becky Wong, Nomadic Systems Group, Sun


A Mobile Networking System Based on Internet Protocol (IP)
     Pravin Bhagwat, University of Maryland; Charles E. Perkins,
     IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Providing Connection-Oriented Network Services to Mobile Hosts
     Kimberly Keeton, Bruce A. Mah, Srinivasan Seshan, Randy H. Katz,
     Domenico Ferrari, University of California at Berkeley

Agent-Mediated Message Passing for Constrained Environments
     Andrew Athan, Daniel Duchamp, Columbia University


Local Area Mobile Computing on Stock Hardware and Mostly Stock Software
     Terri Watson, Brian Bershad, Carnegie Mellon University

Experiences with X in a Wireless Environment
     Christopher A. Kantarjiev,  Alan Demers, Ron Frederick,
     Robert T. Krivacic, Mark Weiser, Xerox PARC

Customizing Mobile Applications
     Bill N. Schilit, Marvin M. Theimer, Brent B. Welch, Xerox PARC


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