Magneto-Optical drive on sco5

Magneto-Optical drive on sco5

Post by Bill Campbe » Sat, 09 Mar 1996 04:00:00

: I have magneto-optical drive PINNACLETAHOE-230.
: Whether may i configure this drive as floptical on sco 5,
: but with 230Mb capacity?
: Or, maybe, exist special driver for this drive?
: On sco 4.2, i installed its as hard disk.
: But i want informix to understand: i can change the disk if it is filled
: in during of backup as tape or floppy disk.

We're running Sony MO drives on OSR-5 without difficulties.  They're
just configured like any other hard drive.

As far as Informix is concerned, I imagine that their backup utilities
have some method of specifying the capacity of the backup device so
all you have to do is figure out how they do that and specify
appropriately.  I do similar things with Unify by setting environment
variables that specify the backup device, block size, and capacity.


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