Help: Cannot Locate directory/files after SCSI error

Help: Cannot Locate directory/files after SCSI error

Post by <JIA.. » Sat, 17 Apr 1993 23:50:57

Dear netters:

    I desperately need help for recovering files from a SCSI error that

happen unexpectedly. The computer is a silicon personal IRIS running under

IRIX 3.31. After reseting the machine, I could not locate directory and

files under a major directory (/usr/disk3 ). This directory contains all

my work files. The du command reported the same amount of space before

crash. But trying to login to this directory will fail (no such directory

     I do have a backup, but the problem is the machine will complain that
not enough space to restore (92% has been reported used before and after

crash, leaving only 12 meg left, which is far from enough ).

     Would any export in this field help me? I am using the machine to do

a major programming project and I am also the superuser.

     Thanks in advance for any help.

     Yaohong Jiang
     Queen's U.


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