SunOS 4.1.3C NIS/DNS problems

SunOS 4.1.3C NIS/DNS problems

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Goal: to get SunOS 4.1.3C machine to resolve names using external
dedicated nameservers rather than the local /etc/hosts file.

Result so far: "ping" works, "telnet" works for some
names but not most, and starting nslookup returns the following;

***Can't find server name for address 111.222.333.4: Format Error
***Can't find server name for address 111.333.444.5: Format Error

(these are our two internal nameservers)

Quote:>111.222.333.66  (entering this only returns the same thing - 111.222.333.66

                  instead of the name)

Quote:>set q=any
>      (entering this DOES work, by returning 111.333.444.2,

                although sometimes it gives non-authoritative info and
                references the root-servers)

"man nslookup" reveals this;

"The following error should not occur and it indicates a bug in the

Format error
     The name server found that the request packet was not in the
     proper format."

So... Is my battle lost (and over), or is there a way around this -
Note that I did receive enough strangeness/ambiguity with this that
I believe it IS a bug....


1. Problem with corrupt directory under SunOS 4.1.3C

First of all I don't know if this mailing list is the proper list for
posting problems with SunOs 4.1.3C (Solaris 1.1). If not please accept

the relevant list.

Now to the actuall problem.

We have an LX running 4.1.3C acting as our internet mail server. On this
system we are using POP 3.0 to access the Internet mail's from our PC's
with a utility called NUPOP. Now  one of our users erroneously send a week
ago a mail to a rather long mailing list (with ca. 2'500 subscribers) and
had requested in his mail to receive and return receipt. So guess what
happened: we got bombarded with ca 2'500 mails in one or two days.
Unfortunately the user was absent in a trip for a couple of days so in
the /usr/spool/mqueue directory we had ca 3 x 2'500 files created.
At a certain point in time the system hang it self and brought at the
console the message "directory table full".

After rebooting we tryied to delete all the tmp files in the directory but
the rm command got hang and hanged again the system. (The system freezes, we
can neither do a Ctrl-C or kill Openwindows or whatsoever the only thing
possible is to reboot the system). After rebooting we run manually fsck on
the partition and it reported a directory inconsistency. Fsck calimed it
was able to fix the problem but as soon as we tryied to rmdir or rm the
crappy directory we had once again the hang.

So we renamed the directory tryied ca. 100 times with fsck to fix the
directory, tryied with rm and everything else we could imagine but still at
no avail.

In other words our problem is that we have a corrupted directory which can
neither be removed with the standard Unix utilities nor we can fix properly
with fsck. Our question is:

Is there any tool-utility-tip which can help us get rid of this crappy
directory or do we have to backup the system and try to do a format on the
partition in order to get rid of this file???

Any hints, pointers, suggestions, ideas etc would be mostly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance

Pyrros Koussios
********************************  CCCCC  NN    NN   CCCCC    SSSS  ***
*  Pyrros D. Koussios            CC      NNN   NN  CC      SS        *
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