NFS Under HP-UX 11.0

NFS Under HP-UX 11.0

Post by Charles Comb » Sat, 23 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Need some help on this one.

I have an HP J5000 server running 64 bit HP-UX 11.0. The problem is that
/usr/sbin/nfsd 4 appears to execute, but the daemon dies immediately.
There are no indications as to why it dies, it just does.

I have several C360's running 32 bit HP-UX 11.0 that function correctly.
Configuration files are setup the same on all systems.

I've checked HP's web and can't seem to find anything concerning this
problem. Has anyone ever seen this or heard about any problems with nfsd
on 11.0?

(by the way, this release of 11.0 for the J500 is a beta release.)

Thanks in advance.


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on a NFS V2 filesystem on linux, we get the following error:

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The following scenarios work fine, but the HP-UX 11.0 clients

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Any help would be appreciated.


Michael Madden

Michael Madden
Systems Engineer
Computerized Medical Systems

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