anyone heard of AddFax2 version3.21?

anyone heard of AddFax2 version3.21?

Post by Steven Harri » Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:00:00


Sorry I don't usually deal with UNIX matters but I need to find some
information on software called AddFax2 in particular version 3.21. It is
used to send faxes (obviously) and came with its own modem. I'm trying to
install it again and I'm having trouble.
To make matters worse the original company that used to support the software
no longer exists and another which presumably took it over wants to charge a
ridiculous amount for a new version and to come out and install it.

Any would  be appreciated.

Thanks, Steve.


1. LILO 21 barfs w/msg about "pre-21 LILO signature"

Can someone help me understand what's wrong here?  E-mail directly
would be nice, since I don't read notes that often (just remove the
".nospam" from the address).

I have upgraded my RedHat 5.2 to 6.0 (w/InfoMagic CD set), and now
LILO complains and aborts with:

     First boot sector has a pre-21 LILO signature

My questions are:

1) Why is LILO complaining?  I don't care what WAS there, I just told
   it what I now want there....
2) What do I need to do to correct the "problem"?  No help from either
   "lilo -u" or "fdisk /mbr" (windoze95 fdisk).

I've restored a copy of V20 lilo and it works fine, so I'm booting,
and okay, but I really want to know what gives....

BTW, I probably have LILO installed on other drives or partitions.  It
boots to sda, but also has hdc, sdb, sdc and I have a bootable RH5.2
partition as well).

Any help?  Sorry, I just realized I forgot to bring in a copy of the
"lilo.conf", but it works FINE with lilo-20, but barfs w/21....

Doh!  I just realized that I include the RH5.2 partition in the
/etc/lilo.conf, and quite likely had/have LILO installed on that
partition.  I'll check that when I can.....

Thanks in advance,
- Marvin

PS: I've been running Linux since '93.  You just gotta love it!

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