"find" and "locate" commands not working, linux RH5.2

"find" and "locate" commands not working, linux RH5.2

Post by David Taylo » Sat, 11 Dec 1999 04:00:00


>   I'm a newbee to UNIX and LINUX. I installed REDHAT 5.2 on a 486 PC
> which also has win3.1. I'm booting to LINUX using LILO, REDHAT's multi-
> os boot program. Most of everything is set up and working, however, I
> cant get either the "find" or " locate" commands to work.
>   From the command line and logged on as root I enter (find  /  any-name)
> or (locate any-name) and get no results. I've checked the "locateb" file
> and it seems empty. I've run the following from the command line
> (updateb) but nothing appeared to happen, the "locateb" file remains
> empty.

IIRC, it's "updatedb" not "updateb" to update the locate database.

Apart from that, you're also using "find" incorrectly, as many others
have already explained.