stacker software

stacker software

Post by dormant use » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 07:21:20

i have a stacker with a free piece of software that does an adequate job
of backing up, but it isn't very 'robust' and only does sun-to-sun. i'd
like to know what you're using and how it is performing. we not only have
suns, but hp and sgi platforms as well.




1. Seeking tape stacker software

We've got two Exabyte 10-tape stackers, model ex10i, and we're using
them with Sun SPARCstations.  We've got some software that was written
by someone who used to work with us, years ago, to control the stackers.
It's a command line interface, with commands to query what tapes are
in the stacker, load a tape into the drive, unload a tape from the
drive into its slot, and add or remove tapes from stacker slots.

There are several disadvantages to this software:
 - It only supports SunOS 4, not Solaris.  Most of our machines are
running SunOS 4, but we do have a few Solaris machines and would like
to be able to use a stacker on one of them.
 - It is unsupported, though we do have the source code.
 - It works by adding a new device to the kernel, and running a daemon
as root, which communicates with the stacker over the SCSI bus.
Command line programs talk to the daemon.  This means that every time
we want to move the stacker to a new host, or upgrade the OS, we need
to go through a kernel reconfiguration and rebuild.  Also, when there
is a problem with the device driver (usually right after a kernel
rebuild), stacker commands cause the machine to reboot.

What I'd love to have is a suite of stacker commands that can talk
SCSI to the Exabyte ex10i without needing any special daemons or
devices in the kernel, that would work on both SunOS and Solaris.
Command line interface is required, GUI is irrelevant.

Does such a thing exist?  Where can I get it?

 "GUIs normally make it simple to accomplish simple actions and impossible to
  accomplish complex actions."  --Doug Gwyn  (22/Jun/91 in comp.unix.wizards)

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