doesn't sendmail understand 'm' flag ?

doesn't sendmail understand 'm' flag ?

Post by Atiq Hash » Wed, 17 Nov 1993 12:13:51

Atiq Hashmi


1. expect script doesn't understand '$1' from command line?

I have the following expect script to automate a simple ftp transfer
but it doesn't take the '$1' from the command line for some reason.
Anyone know how I could get it to do that?

#set prompt "(%|#|\\$) $"                ;# default prompt
#catch {set prompt $env(EXPECT_PROMPT)}

eval spawn ftp
interact -o -nobuffer -re return
send "oak\r"
interact -o -nobuffer -re assword: return
send "mypassword\r"
interact -o -nobuffer -re ftp> return
send "put"
send $1\r"
interact -o -nobuffer -re ftp> return
send "bye\r"
#interact -o -nobuffer -re $prompt return

All I get is the follow error:

     ftp>can't read "1": no such variable
         while executing
     "send $1..."



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