Ultrix df doesn't report the correct filesystem space

Ultrix df doesn't report the correct filesystem space

Post by Bin Zh » Wed, 22 Jul 1992 05:05:25

        The df in my ULTRIX 4.2A is not reporting the correct file
system space. I use the du to check it. I had a big /var/adm/acct
file and after I did a sa I removed the big acct file and restarted
the accton.  But the df doesn't report this correctly. Any help will
be appreciated. Thanks.



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1. 'df' continues to report filesystem full after files deleted

Discovered wierd problem on Solaris 2.3.

We have some tmp files that tend to grow quickly and that results in a
file full condition in the root file system.  I can delete the problem
file and reduce the root system by 3MB (a significant percentage in a
15MB root), but 'df' still shows filesystem, and applications trying
to write to /tmp still fail because file system full.  A 'du -dks'
shows that the space has been cleared up even though 'df -k' does not
recognize it.

The failure of 'df -k' to show the released space only occurs if the
filesystem has become full.  Otherwise, 'df -k' reports correctly, and
everything works fine.

Any ideas what's going on?  I've tried the FAQ, Sun's web server, and
SunSolve.  I haven't a clue.

-- Rob

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