/etc/printcap entry needed for Printronix P-300 printer

/etc/printcap entry needed for Printronix P-300 printer

Post by Speaker-To-Morons-At-Wo » Fri, 19 Jun 1992 22:26:32

Does anyone have ANY idea what the /etc/printcap entry should look like
for a Printronix P-300 printer set up serial, 8,N,1, 9600 baud?

Printronix couldn't even tell me...

                                --              Ed


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     I'm trying to get a printronix P6280L working with a Sun 3
running SunOS 4.0.3 via a serial interface and having no luck.

     Does anyone out there have such a setup working?  If so could you
send me a sample printcap entry and printer settings?

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