How to do Printing Acct. w/ Remote Printers thru gator/shiva boxes?

How to do Printing Acct. w/ Remote Printers thru gator/shiva boxes?

Post by Robert T. McL » Sat, 09 Sep 1995 04:00:00

We have a gator box which acts as a remote machine and has remote
printers.  The BSD based lpd does not do printing accounting for any
printer which is not local.  Or at least I can't get it to do it.
Our gator box will not do any printing accounting.

Does anyone have a simple way to capture the accounting information?

BTW.  This is will not be used to charge for printing, but really to
cut down on abusing our poor little laserwriters.


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I have a problem with UW7 Can you please address this on the forum on my
behalf for the time being. I shall be obliged.

Problem is as under:

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printing on
the network using the Print Servers from D-Link (DP-100, DP-300) and/or
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to the forum ? Shall be grateful.

I also tried to find the Printcap file but failed.


Mian Abdul Majid

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