Where can I find benchmark software ?

Where can I find benchmark software ?

Post by Vince Talusk » Tue, 28 Sep 1993 16:39:00

I'm looking for benchmarking software that I can use to compare the speeds
of various platforms that I support.  I have several programs apparently

admins out there use.

I've been looking around for the SPECint and SPECfp suites but archie
didn't locate anything for me.  Suggestions ?

Vince Taluskie

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Hiyas.. I was interested if there is any software that can benchmark or
test out your web server with heavy loads or whatever??? Basicly I want
to compare our current web server (NCSA 1.5.2) to apache 1.2b10 .. Main
reason is test and justify witheror not to move to apache or not

I always read that apache is better, but never see any benchmarks
or testing compareed to it..


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