unsticking a stuck port

unsticking a stuck port

Post by Brian Gallowa » Fri, 09 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi All,

The other day, we had to reboot a machine (HP-UX 10.20) in order to
restart a daemon whose port it was trying to attach to was stuck.
Specifically, this daemon, which listens for data transfer requests from
other machines, was brought down after a reconfiguration while a data
transfer was underway.  Everytime we tried to bring the daemon back up
using the same port number (a "default" port), it failed.  Using netstat
we found that the port's status was "waiting for response".  We
restarted inetd, but to no avail.  The port is for a tcp service as
listed in /etc/services.

Rebooting the machine seems way to drastic to me.  Is there a way to
unstick a stuck port?  This brings me to another question.  What exactly
is a port?  If it is a process, can't it be killed (and restarted with
inetd)?  If it's a file, can't it be removed (and recreated with inetd)?

Thanks for any guidance on this.

Brian Galloway



All windows can be configured as STICK and UNSTICK.

When a window is loaded, it is automatically UNSTICK.

How can I load a window so it loads it in STICK mode. Maybe a switch is needed??

Please email me directly.

Ta, Bal.

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