How does "Time Synch Protocol" relate to "Network Time Protocol"?

How does "Time Synch Protocol" relate to "Network Time Protocol"?

Post by Angelo A. Kee » Thu, 22 Sep 1994 02:54:11

I am administering a SCO ODT system running
Unix System V release 3.2v4.2 on our local
network, and I am looking for some additional
information about the "Time Synchronization Protocol"
as mentioned in the SCO ODT Administrator's Guide.

I am also looking for information on the "Time Synchronization
Protocol" as well - which explains the cross-posting. I
apologize in advance if necessary.

From the manual:

   "...The time daemons communicate with each other
    using the Time Synchronization Protocol (TSP),
    which is built on the DARPA UDP protocol..."


   1) Is the TSP proprietary to SCO?
   2) What is the difference (if any) between
       TSP and the "Network Time Protocol"?
   3) Has anyone out there successfully
        time-synched a SCO box with non-SCO
        boxes as either a master or a slave?
   4) If you are running a SCO box as a
       master or a slave, what types of machines
       and operating systems are in your network?
   5) Someone told me that NTP may actually
       be public-domain. If so, does anyone
       know where I might find a copy?
   6) If TSP *is* different than NTP, then
       does anyone know where I may find
       a list of machines that NTP will run on?

I am under the gun on this one, so I'd appreciate
any help you could provide.  "Time pressure, don'cha know"


Angelo A. Keene
Lead Engineer Software
Harris Information Systems Division

--- flames cheerfully and promptly ignored ---