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Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1. LILO dies: L AA AA AA AA AA ...


 I tried installing RedHat 5.0 Linux on my Pentium Pro
 PC, but ran into a problem on the LILO installation.

 Here's my configuration:

    Pentium Pro 200 MHz processor
    64 megs RAM
    S3/Virge VX 8 meg Video card
    Adaptec SCSI card attached to CD-R drive
    IDE configuration:
         (1) master = 5 gig hard drive (C:, E:, F:)
             slave  = IOmega Zip drive (D:)
         (2) master = CDROM drive
             slave  = 6.4 gig hard drive
    Windows 98 (FAT32 on drives C:, E:, F:)

 I got almost entirely through the installation.
 I installed Linux on the 6.4 gig hard drive (hdd).
 The only problem came up at the end, installing
 the bootloader (in the master boot record).

 The installation program said:

    An error occurred during step "Install bootloader"
    of the install.

 I then selected "Previous" and it tried again,
 producing the same error.

 So the next time I tried "Retry" and it said "Congratulations"
 and said everything was installed.

 The problem, is now when I boot up, instead of getting
 some LILO prompt, I get the following:

    L AA AA AA AA AA etc...

 That is, I see the letter "L", followed by a space and two "A"
 letters.  The double-A's emit at the rate of about one per second.

 Hitting return, control-C, etc. has no effect.  Only
 control-alt-delete allows a reboot.

 Now, I not only can't boot Linux, but I also can't boot
 up Windows 98!

 I did boot off of a Windows 98 boot floppy (and made sure
 that C: was still there, it was, whew!) and tried to "sys c:"
 to remove LILO, but that had no impact.

 So I have some questions/pleas for help:

     (1)  Is there a way to make LILO work here?  Have you
          seen this problem before?

     (2)  Is there a way for me to remove LILO so I can
          boot Windows 98 (off C:)?

     (3)  Do I need to resort to a boot floppy to boot
          Linux?  How would I make one?

 Anxiously awaiting advice...

 John Roberts

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