Problem sending smtp unix mail through MS Exchange server to outside

Problem sending smtp unix mail through MS Exchange server to outside

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I'm having a problem getting sendmail mail to pass through our
Exchange gateway.   The message is originating on an intranet HP-UX

Exchange is rejecting the message from passing through to the internet with

I have a makeshift DNS server setup and the DNS has both a forward
and reverse DNS entry so I'm not sure why it isn't working?

Also I'm specifying the domain in the of the machine.

Our domain doesn't have a MX entry could that be the problem?
Any ideas are very much appreciated.




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I have a Linux machine which is (unfortunately) trapped in a MS Windows NT
environment.  I need to forward e-mail from the Linux box to an Exchange
client (or SMTP), so it can be distributed to other users on the Windows net.

My question is this: what should the .forward file on the Linux machine look
like?  I tried many combinations, including my Exchange (Outlook) username--
both with a fully-qualified domain name and without; I tried a straight IP
address, I tried an external Internet address, and I tried several other
wacky guesses.  Nothing worked, and MS SMTP is just stuffing them into a
queue "for later delivery".  Hello?

There are plenty of posts in this group about doing things similar to this,
but I can't find any clear-cut answers... any help is appreciated.

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