SUMMARY: 5G Exabyte drives w/ non-Exabyte tapes

SUMMARY: 5G Exabyte drives w/ non-Exabyte tapes

Post by Bob Fo » Thu, 17 Sep 1992 02:24:37

We have been using the Video8 tapes in our Exabyte 8500 with no
apparent problem until recently.  After about 12 backups on a
particular tape, we start getting a lot of write errors, and the
backup fails.  The problem is remedied by using a new tape.  Is
this a normal life expectancy for the video tapes?  Can I
expect a longer lifespan for the data grade tapes?

A related concern is how often to clean the drive.  Currently, I
use the "official" Exabyte cleaning cartridges, and clean the drive  
once a month.  We are backing up about 20 GB each month.  Do we need
to clean the drive more often, since we are using the video tapes?

Thanks for your help.  Please respond by email to the address below.
Bob Ford                           (814) 234-8592x36

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