How Do U run a Background Process ?

How Do U run a Background Process ?

Post by Bill Callaha » Wed, 02 Oct 1996 04:00:00

==========Alan Shutko, 9/28/96==========

A> Why should he buy a book just for that..when he can ask it on a
A> newsgroup..that IS what this is for.

:If someone needs to ask how to background a process, they shouldn't be
:in comp.unix.admin.  There are other newsgroups chartered for such
:mundane discussion.  

Thanks for the reality check.  I now remember why I avoided UNIX for so
many years.  The glory of knowledge is sharing not hiding.
Share! so there
can be more of us. The Many, The Proud, The UN*X SA.

By the way this is my opinion not my employers

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How Do U run a Background Process ?

Post by JaD » Mon, 07 Oct 1996 04:00:00

In days of yore (1 Oct 1996 16:50:46 +0100) Edmund Roche-Kelly

:Or at least do it within 80 columns. Simple questions like this shouldn't be
:posted in comp.unix.admin. It belongs in comp.unix.questions. It doesn't fit
:the charter of this group, and so only generates a long line of followups

        Ed -- if the original response had been more like:

        comp.unix.questions is a better place for this
                -- be sure to look up their FAQ before you
                   post there


        BTW: most shells let you append an ampersand on a
        command line to indicate that the process should be
        "detached" -- or you can start the app, type Ctrl-Z
        followed by the bg command (if your shell/OS supports
        job control).

        As I side note:  when i was first making the transition
        from DOS/DESQview to Unix I also found it difficult
        to get someone to explain this very thing.  If you're
        used to environments that are very UI driven
        (such as MacOS, DESQview, and Windows) it's a bit of
        of work to get used to the Unix idea of "background"
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