makewhatis from cat pages?

makewhatis from cat pages?

Post by Alain Pica » Tue, 01 Mar 1994 03:08:41

I got the perl based man package written by

wants to look at the man[1-8] pages, and I have several
man pages only in the form of "cat" pages, i.e. in my
/usr/man/cat1 dir.

Is there a makewhatis somewhere which would pick these up too?

Many thanks in advance,

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1. Standard man pages to "Catted" man pages!

To Anyone Interested:

        How does one take a standard "troff"ed (?) man page that comes
with a package off the net (ending in .1, .2, etc) and turn in into a
compressed, "cat"ted man page (ending in .1.Z, .2.Z, etc) that are
stored in the directory /usr/man/catN (N = 1,2,3,...) that can be read
by the standard man utility that comes with the SLS distribution?  I'm
sure that this is trivial to do, and is probably written down
SOMEWHERE, but I've got only so many hours a day I can spend reading
FAQs and HOWTOs.  Thanx in advance...

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