Solaris: root cron jobs halting

Solaris: root cron jobs halting

Post by vinc.. » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00


Can someone please suggest a fix?

I'm stumped.  For some reason, jobs submitted to cron by root are
halted.  That is, the processes stay in memory but don't get any CPU

I've checked the priorities, etc. and all seems find when compared to
another Sun box.  Is there something I've overlooked in tracing this
problem?  Believe me, I've double checked every man page related to
cron, crontab, nice, priocntl, etc.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated...


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2.5.1.  Both are Sparc 1000s.  On both systems the root cron jobs
failed to run last night, although cron jobs for other users ran

The cron jobs were scheduled for 3:15 am and 4:05 am, so that they
should not have been lost in the 1-hour gap caused by the change to
daylight savings time.  On the other hand, on both machines the
crontabs directory (the files in it) seem to have been read at 4:13
am.  Is cron recognizing the time change 73 minutes late, and
skipping jobs that were carefully scheduled so that they would not be
missed?  Will it run these jobs twice in the fall to make up?

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