skipping /tmp when doing dump

skipping /tmp when doing dump

Post by Jan Wil » Tue, 10 Aug 1993 00:44:30

Does anyone know a way of telling dump to skip certain files/directories
when doing an incremental backup of a partition? I am thinking specifically
of /tmp and extra_swap (I am using SunOS 4.1)


G. Jan Wilms
Union University


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After skipping the installation CD and using part 1 of 2, I get a little

What that means I have no idea, but more importantly I now get the Boot
args: kernel/unix.

The screen changes and give me the option for jumpstart installation or one

The screen then outputs more text with:

skipping system dump : no dump device configured. Rebooting...

the machine then restarts.

Any help most appreciated, Steve

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