Veritas Quick I/O as good as raw for databases?

Veritas Quick I/O as good as raw for databases?

Post by Adam Sing » Sun, 11 May 1997 04:00:00

Hello all,

I am migrating a site that currently uses raw partitions for their
oracle files.  I am wondering if it is true that performance is 20%
higher or if that was only in the early days?  What, in your
collective experiences/comparison test, has been the true performance
gain of raw devices?

I am also wondering if anyone has any experience with the Veritas
Database Edition.  We have Sun E5000's w/ Volume Manager bundled, but
this is an extra ($$) product.  The advantage is that, according to
sun and Veritas, their "Quick I/O" feature offers the ease of using
filesystems and a volume manager with raw-device access speeds.
Anyone had a chance to test this out and how stable do you find the
product.  We will be running a 100 to 150GB's  worth of oracle
databases on each 5000.

thanks for any input



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Sports fans,

We're using Veritas Volume Manager v2.1 on some Sun 2000E's running
Solaris 2.5.1 with a raw Informix 723uc3 database.  The production box
has some apparently broken mirrors that contain no database info.  The
problem is that those plexes are in volumes with live production data
living in another plex in the same volume.

We want to reclaim the space, but I'm concerned about moving the unused
plexes out of these volumes.  Would there be an effect on the live plex?

Has anyone run into this situation before?


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