Configuring TCP/IP on Interactive Unix 4.1

Configuring TCP/IP on Interactive Unix 4.1

Post by Tristam Fenton-Ma » Sat, 24 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hi' sorry if I seem stupid, or this is the wrong place, I'm new to this group
and to UNIX (started to install it last month.) Most things work, but I am
trying to set it up to use TCP/IP. I want to

1.      Use a SLIP connection to connect to my existing DEMON account
2.      Use a NE200 card to run DOS PCs as terminals with NE2000 cards
3.      Share resources (files + printers) with the PCs

Oh yeah I am running it on a 486 PC with 2 8 port digiboard running terminals
(some are normal some are PCs runnning ProComm)

I have tried to do these things, but I have problems. If I try to connect my
modem to tty00 and set up the files Devices, Systems and Dialers then use 'CU'
to connect I get a message saying that it can't do it.

I try to set up the TCP/IP part, but lotts of problems occur, the problem is
that I don't know the answers to the questions. When I connect via DOS I am, the software asks me for the full name of my computer, and
the computer I connect to, what are the answers, what will my IP address be
(Will the one that I naormaly use be my address, or their address?)

When I try to use the network to connect to the DOS PCs using the network I
have even greater problems, I think that possibly my network doesn't use TCP/IP
but I don't know. I have never used IP addresses with it, so don't know how to
do it. When I do do it how will I set the DOS/Windows PCs up, I can't use
ProComm as it only supports COM ports.

I have absolutely no idear how to share resources.

Thanx for helping (I hope)

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