Alias Mailing List Question

Alias Mailing List Question

Post by The Jest » Fri, 06 Nov 1992 14:05:34

I am administrating an alias mail exploader list. However there are
two problems with the list, neither is a show stopper but they are
damn annoying:
        1.If you send a letter to the exploader address, the
        computer just goes through the alias file and sends the
        letter out to everyone on the list. In 10 out of 10 cases,
        the person sending the letter is on the list. So if you send
        a letter, you end up getting a copy back.

        2.When you get a letter from the list, the 'from:' line will
        have the address of the person who originally sent in the
        letter instead of the address of the e-mail address of the
        list. So everytime you wish to respond to a letter you got
        off the list, you have to delete the 'to' line on your
        response and replace it with the list address.

Are there non radical solutions to these problems? Preferably some
program that will examine the 'from' line on the letter sent to it
and not send back an echo if the person is on the alias list and
will also format the letters it does send out so that when you reply
it will reply to the list instead of whoever originally sent the

        I will try to read this group but the post volume is
        ENORMOUS, e-mail responses are prefered, I will post a
        summary of the results (always trying to do my part to keep
        down band width munching).

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1. MMDF & alias tables (mailing list) alias.list FORMAT

We are running into something I cannot find in the docs anywhere.
We have tried this on SCO UNIX Enterprise 3.2v4.2 and OpenServer 3.2v5.0.4
We know how to setup a mailing list under MMDF:
create an alias.list in /usr/mmdf/table:   E.g

medmgr-outbound:        include: /usr/mmdf/lists/medmgr
medmgr-request: bob

and then in /usr/mmdf/lists/medmgr:   E.g.

.... list.....

But the question, is it possible to have comments on each line, like you do
in an e-mail program?  Like  

To make it easier to look at the list and maintain?
Just a list of addresses can be confusing (especially after a few months...)
Thanks for any ideas.

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