Network-oriented backup systems for SCO and Sun systems

Network-oriented backup systems for SCO and Sun systems

Post by John K. Scoggin, J » Thu, 07 Jan 1993 23:57:32

Is anyone aware of any available disk backup systems which can backup both Sun SPARC and SCO Unix systems across an IP network?  I am looking for something with a good human interface for restores that can also drive multiple Exabyte 10 and 120-cartridge automated tape libraries.


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1. Full system backups on live system

Hi all:

I am relatively new to Tru64 and UNIX in general, but have recently been
given the task of managing our Tru64 UNIX systems.  I am now in the process
of planning an upgrade of these systems from 4.0f to 5.1A.

What I am wondering is, is it possible to take a full system backup of all
file systems while the system is in multi-user mode.  These systems are
required to be operational 24x365, and I cannot take them down to perform a
stand-alone backup on any of the systems.  From what I have been told,
however, is that if you attempt to restore the '/' and '/usr' partitions
from a backup while the system was in multi-user mode, the restore file
systems will be corrupted.

Can someone out there confirm for me if this is correct, and if not either
let me know, or point me to a resource on how to properly perform a live
system backup that can be restored from.

Note that our current systems are using the UFS file system, not the AdvFS
file system, however I may be able to influence the file system to be used
on the upgraded systems if this has an impact on the ability to perform the

Thanks in advance
Shawn Kearley

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