Talking to a tape drive

Talking to a tape drive

Post by Evelyn Tuml » Wed, 16 Jun 1993 06:03:31

Thanks again to all who sent me responses on the ULIMIT

My system is an inherited AT&T 486, running System V r.4.
My next problem is getting the system to talk to the tape
drive.  There is a cartridge tape drive installed next to
the floppy drive, and there is a SCSI utility software
package installed on the system (according to "displaypkg").
My problem is that I can't get the system to read from the
tape drive.  I have no documentation for the SCSI interface
package (though there is a /dev/scsi/qtape1 that looks
promising but doesn't work).  I do have a small AT&T manual
for a tape drive interface, but apparently not the same one
(all the device driver names are different).  I haven't
been able to locate the distribution diskettes for either

How do I get my machine to talk to my tape drive?  Help?

-- Lyn T.

P.S. This is not the only machine with this problem, so
a faulty tape drive is unlikely.


Talking to a tape drive

Post by Jim Schwa » Mon, 21 Jun 1993 09:22:01

According to the boot docs for our Unix Sys5 Rel 4, the SCSI address for the tape
drives is 6.  I suggest you check the SCSI port assignment for your tape drive and
make it 6.  Then see if you can talk to it. Feel free to email me if you would like
some more info.

Jim Schwarz